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Client FAQs

How do I speak with my advisor?

Please call our office at (865) 220-9311 and speak to a member of our Client Service Team. They can answer many of your questions. If you do need to speak with your advisor, a member of our Client Service Team will be happy to coordinate a time that you can speak with the advisor on the phone, or in person.  Scheduling time allows your advisor to be properly prepared and give you 100 percent of their attention.

Can I access my accounts online?

Albridge is a website that allows you to run reports similar to those shown in your meetings with your advisor.  Albridge allows you to view all of your accounts within one report, run reports from different time periods, and view the returns from your investments. Albridge also provides the ability to view the accounts you hold outside of Retirement Planning Services as well. Please ask a member of our Client Service Team for details.

MyStreetscape™ is a website that shows information about your brokerage account. From MyStreetscape™ you can view current account balances, view transactions within the account, as well as set up electronic delivery of your statements, tax documents, and other regulatory mailings. Your statements are stored here electronically, so there is no need for printing, unless you so desire.

What if I forget my password for Albridge or MyStreetscape™?

If you misplace your password for MyStreetscape, simply enter your user id at the login screen, then click the blue link: Forgot/Reset My Pin. MyStreetscape will walk you through the process of creating a new PIN after you answer the security questions.

If you misplace your password for Albridge, call our office and speak with any member of our Client Service Team. We can reset the password for you.

How can I go paperless?

Through MyStreetscape™ (for brokerage accounts) you can enroll in paperless delivery notifications for account statements, trade confirmations, prospectuses and shareholder reports.

For accounts held directly with a mutual fund company (such as Fidelity Advisor Funds) or Variable Annuities, you can set up electronic delivery of statements through the investment company’s website. Please talk with a member of our Client Service Team for details.

How do I request a withdrawal from my account?

The process of making a withdrawal depends on what type of account you have, but it always begins by contacting a member of our Client Service Team. We can initiate a one-time withdrawal for you as well as set up regular, systematic withdrawals. Some requests may require a signature, but many can be done over the phone.  If you have electronic funds transfer established on your account, we can send funds directly to your bank account at no charge. Otherwise, we can have a check sent to your home.

How long does it take to receive a cash distribution from my brokerage account?

Distributions arriving by check usually arrive within 7-10 business days after trades have settled in your account (Trades take approximately 3 business days to settle).

Distributions via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) usually arrive in your bank account within 24-48 hours after trades have settled (Trades take approximately 3 business days to settle). If you do not currently have EFT established on our account, setting it up usually takes approximately 15 business days.

How do I handle my Required Minimum Distributions?

For our clients over the age of 70½, we will assist you in establishing a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) schedule that fits your needs. We can calculate your RMD and initiate a one-time distribution at any point during the year, or have your accounts set up to automatically send your RMD. You can receive automatic payments at a certain time each year, through monthly payments, or any frequency in between. The distributions can be sent to your home or directly to your bank account via electronic funds transfer. You may elect to have income tax withheld at the time of withdrawal. If you are concerned about your total required distributions, please notify our team by December 1st so that we can expedite your withdrawal for the current year.

To whom do I make a check payable for my investment?

Checks for deposit into your brokerage account should be made payable to NFS (National Financial services). If your investment is held directly at a mutual fund or annuity company, please contact our office and we will be happy to provide specific instructions to you. Due to the USA Patriot Act, we are unable to accept Bank Checks, Cashiers Checks, or starter checks.  Please mail all checks to Retirement Planning Services for processing (9729 Cogdill Road, Suite 302 Knoxville, TN 37932).

Why is there an IRA Fee charged to my account?

All brokerage retirement accounts will be charged an annual maintenance fee, as NFS is responsible to report tax information on these accounts to the IRS. You will receive an invoice from NFS during the last quarter of each year. You can write a check payable to NFS and mail it to NFS in the envelope provided. Otherwise, SSN will deduct the fee from your retirement account. Retirement Planning Services does not receive this fee, and does not need to be notified of your payment choice.

What if my address changes?

Please contact a member of our Client Service Team by email or telephone and notify us of an address change. We will update our records and create the necessary paperwork for you to sign and return. We will also notify your investment companies for you.

How do I change the beneficiary on my account?

Contact a member of our Client Service Team and we will create the appropriate paperwork for you to sign and return. If you have questions about your current beneficiary designation, we will be happy to review those with you.