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What is the cost for an initial consultation?

There is no fee for your first meeting with our team.  We want to spend some time to get to know you, hear about your financial goals, and explore how we could potentially provide value to you through our services.

How are you compensated for your services?

All financial advisors receive compensation for the services that they render, and we believe that being transparent about how and by whom we are being compensated is critical.  Transparency is vital to building relationships of trust. 

When we manage client resources on our fee-based platform or collaborate with our clients on a financial plan, we are held to the fiduciary standard of care – what we would argue is the gold standard in our industry.  Clients directly compensate us through fees paid to our firm (either a financial planning fee or a fee for asset management). 

In some situations, clients ask for other types of solutions that include an insurance component.  These are products, and the insurance companies compensate us from the fees that a client pays to the insurance company.  We provide clear disclosure of such fees so that each client has an understanding of the tradeoffs for each choice.

Why should I work with an independent investment advisor?

Being an independent advisor means that we have the freedom to choose from a broad universe of different investments and are not pigeon-holed with one particular money manager.  We answer only to our clients and not to any bank, credit union, insurance company, or mutual fund company. 

Do you only work with retirees?

No, we offer services for people in many different seasons of life.  Some of our clients enjoy their work so much that they may not retire in the traditional sense.  In general, we help people plan for their financial futures, and planning for retirement has been our core business for almost 30 years.

Do you provide counsel on Social Security benefit timing and strategy?

Yes. We believe that a solid financial plan considers all elements of your financial picture.  Social Security is a very important piece of that picture, as well as a complex one.    We use proprietary software to model the decision based on a variety of assumptions and consider complex filing strategies that often enhances the projected value of the benefit (file and suspend, filing a restricted application, etc.).

How do I get more information about your firm?

Please don’t hesitate to call our office (865.220.9311) and speak to a member of our Client Service Team to get answers to specific questions that we have not answered through our website or schedule a time to come and sit down with Steve and Spencer to explore if working with us might be a fit.