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Investment Management

If you’re like most people, you’ve struggled to feel good about your investments. It’s not been easy to decide when to buy and when to sell or when to change courses and when to sit still. Sorting through what to invest in has its own set of challenges but figuring out how to take distributions to fund an education, provide for a large purchase, or begin retirement income might be the most difficult part of all.  For most, it feels more like random luck than a thoughtful plan.

If that resonates with you, you’re in good company. Researchers have shown that our emotions actually drive our investing more than most of us would like to admit – pushing us to buy and sell at inopportune times. Without a coherent and thoughtful plan, most investors garner inferior rates of return and experience increased psychological angst.

We have a solution for that. At Retirement Planning Services, your investment activities are driven by a carefully considered strategy, which is linked to your personal financial plan. This integrated approach enables us to guide you so that you can confidently make decisions on:

  • Asset allocation: what should be in your overall portfolio?
  • Types of accounts: where should you position these resources to mitigate tax effects?
  • Trading decisions: what should you sell for a distribution and when should you rebalance?

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Recently, in our continuing effort to provide superior investment strategies, our firm has established a relationship with Dimensional Fund Advisors, an investment management firm based in Austin, TX. Please watch the videos below to get a flavor for Dimensional's approach.