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Retirement Planning

Successful planning is much more than accumulating assets, it’s about connecting your wealth with your values so that you can do what matters most to you. Our process helps you to clarify your financial decisions so that you can be certain that you are taking the critical steps necessary to accomplish your goals.

Through a series of meetings, we unpack visual frameworks to educate you on best practices in financial planning. We then begin to collaborate with you to link these frameworks to your financial circumstances so that you have projections that uniquely represent your circumstances and goals. This is what we like to call “real-time financial planning.”

This process includes building a personal balance sheet, projecting retirement resources over time, linking your asset allocation to such projections and integrating your financial and estate plans.

With dozens of different inputs and assumptions, the real-time process allows us to collaborate in changing the assumptions on the spot to show what might happen if your expenses, rates of return, pensions, cost of living adjustments, Social Security benefits, long-term care needs, legacy gifting goals or other inputs change.

As you engage in this collaborative process, you will have increasing confidence that you have considered a breadth of different potential scenarios and made choices that truly align your wealth with your values. Thereafter, regular updates of the plan ensure that you have a sense of your progress toward your goals and any important steps to taken as you continue to move forward.