Retirement Planning Services

Wealth Can Be Complicated, But It Doesn’t Have to Complicate Your Life

That’s why we’re here – to simplify and coordinate your financial world.

Some financial planners focus primarily on managing your portfolio. Not us. We work to bring confidence and rest to your whole financial life.

Family Office Lite

Family Office LiteTM

Taxes. Investments. Estate plans. Health insurance. Each area is complex and impacts the others, but professionals have historically done little to coordinate with areas outside their discipline. We work hard to simplify all that complexity by coordinating each part. For qualifying clients, we pay local professionals to deliver critical counsel that adds key elements to your overall plan.

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Collaborative Financial Planning

Piece by piece we build your financial plan together with you. No lengthy boilerplate or generic output here. Instead, we collaborate with you over multiple meetings so that you can question the process, we can modify assumptions, and we can explore a range of potential outcomes. The result is a plan tailored to your unique situation that addresses your key questions.

Investment Management

Markets move. Tax laws change. New offerings are introduced. Your need for distributions shift. Investing feels complicated to most of us. By aligning your investments with your collaborative financial plan, we work with you to implement a thoughtful, consistent approach.

Health Insurance Selection (through Bernard Health)

Most people put health insurance in a separate bucket from wealth management. This is a mistake. Health insurance is a vitally important component of your financial plan, and selecting the best plan can be draining (unless you are an insurance expert). We partner with Bernard Health’s team of non-commissioned, health insurance specialists.

Tax Planning

Taxes are complex and can wear you (and your wealth) down. We pinpoint strategies to reduce your tax burden so that you can keep more of what you’ve earned. We highlight what you can do today, how you can plan for future taxes, and which key options to consider if your situation changes. We make tax planning even simpler with our Family Office Lite™ offering.

Estate Planning

Taking care of family and loved ones. Protecting your assets. Making significant charitable gifts. We can help you do it all with a roadmap that is clear, comprehensive, and strategic. Just as important, we work with you to implement it – updating beneficiary designations, retitling investments, and helping with other details that can be daunting. We make estate planning even simpler with our Family Office Lite™ offering.

Social Security and Pension Benefit Optimization Analysis

Some day. That’s how people view social security and their pension plan—until the time comes to deal with them. The truth is, you have more power than you realize. We help you make wise decisions on your benefits from the get-go to ensure this key part aligns with your entire plan.

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